Celebrity GeoSpotter

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Introducing "Celebrity GeoSpotter", the iPhone app that locates celebrities spotted by you! Instead of just reading about celebrity sightings, now you can experience them yourself. On your way downtown? Fire up Celebrity GeoSpotter and check to see which celebrities are in the vicinity. Ever been in line with a celeb at Starbucks and you’re dying to tell your friends? “Spot” them on the app and within seconds you’ve mapped a star for your friends and the rest of the world to see. Search for any celebrity and see where theyve been spotted by other users. 
Find out where the hottest celebs are right now with Celebrity GeoSpotter.  Celebrity sightings were never this easy or this cool!

How it works
Celebrity GeoSpotter relies on user input. Any celebrities recently spotted by other users will show up as a pin with a star on the “Celebs Nearby” screen. Click on the pin and find out who the celebrity is and what they were doing at the time they were spotted.
If you spot a celebrity, simply click on the “I See One” button and scroll to find your celebrity. A pin with their name will appear on the “Celeb Map”. Feel free to add more info or trivia about them!